Kurigram-Lalmonirhat Palli Bidyut Samity Job Circular 2021

Kurigram-Lalmonirhat Palli Bidyut Samity Job Circular. Kurigram-Lalmonirhat Rural Electricity Recruitment Circular,  Kurigram-Lalmonirhat Palli Bidyut Samiti recruitment notification has been published. The said recruitment notification will recruit manpower through zero promotion.

All men and women can participate in the recruitment notification. You can apply if your qualifications match. Participate yourself and let others take part and let others take part. Join our pagebook group every day to get new job news very easily. Learn more details.

In order to fill the following vacancies in Kurigram-Lalmonirhat Palli Bidyut Samiti for promotion through recruitment, the Assistant Cashiers working in various Palli Bidyut Samiti should be promoted as per PUBIS Service Code, PUBIS Guidelines 300-14, 300-24 and 300-51. Will. But you have to be qualified.

Kurigram-Lalmonirhat Palli Bidyut Samity Job Circular 2021
Kurigram-Lalmonirhat Palli Bidyut Samity Job Circular 2021

Kurigram-Lalmonirhat Palli Bidyut Samity Job Circular 2021

Position Name:  Cashier.

How to apply Kurigram-Lalmonirhat Palli Bidyut Samity Job Circular:

Interested candidates should apply in person with full CV with recommendation of Senior General Manager / General Manager of the concerned PUBIS, recent 03 (three) copies attested passport size color photograph, attested photocopy of latest 03 (three) years annual work evaluation, 1 (3) Accordingly) Attested photocopy of the result of passing the required training, attested certificate of all educational qualifications, attested copy of citizenship certificate issued by Union Parishad Chairman / Mayor, attested photocopy of National Identity Card,


Photocopy of appointment and regularization of the current post, no-objection letter from the Senior General Manager / General Manager, details of punishment in the last 05 (perch) years (if any), if there is no peace clearly mentioned and no departmental investigation against him is pending or No Criminal Case is Ongoing. Request to take part in the Electoral Examination (Oral Interview) by appearing in person at the office of the undersigned at 11.00 am on Saturday 13-02-2021 along with certificate from Senior General Manager / General Manager.

Note that photocopies of all certificates / credentials must be attested by Senior General Manager / General Manager or AGM (Administration) {(HR).


Position Name: Cashier

Number of posts: 01

Salary: Salary will be paid as per PUBIS guidelines (300-13, 300-16)

Qualifications and ineligibility

A) Salary allowances to the candidate for a minimum of 06 years as Assistant Cashier 300-18. Must have work experience as (regular). And provide other benefits.

B) SSC or equivalent / H, S, C or equivalent, will be 2nd.

3.00 out of 5.00 in the category or GPA

C) Must have the required qualifications as per the amended POBIS guidelines 300-14 and 300-24.

D) Must have passed the required training as per the revised POBIS guidelines 300-51.

E) The last 03 (three) year annual performance appraisal rating should be at least 3.50.

F) Must be proficient in computer management.


Kurigram-Lalmonirhat Palli Bidyut Samity Job Circular 2021
Kurigram-Lalmonirhat Palli Bidyut Samity Job Circular 2021

Terms for Kurigram-Lalmonirhat Palli Bidyut Samity Job Circular

(a) District quota is not applicable for promotion to the post of Cashier. However, there is no need for permanent residents of Kurigram-Lalmonirhat Palli Bidyut Samiti to apply.

Photocopy of contribution and regularization for the post of Assistant Cashier for the post of Assistant Cashier with 07 (seven) years of experience, photocopy of the results of the training course prescribed as per the revised POBIS Guidelines 300-51 should be attached with the attested application by AGM (Administration / HR).

(b) The following departmental candidates will not be considered for interview for promotion to a higher post:

(A) Any severe punishment in the last 03 (three) years and any minor punishment in the last 01 (one) year or more than one severe punishment in the last 05 (part) years or one severe punishment once in the last 04 (four) years or one minor punishment or Those who have received less than one minor sentence in the last 03 (three) years or failed 03 (three) times in the oral selection test for promotion have been declared / disqualified as per the decision of the promotion committee or there is no criminal case pending against them by the working department.

(c) Sections 08, 14 and 16 of the POBS Employment Rules Amendment-2012 and the amended POBS

Guidelines 300-14, 300-24 and 300-51 will be followed.

(d) There is no need to apply for any officer / employee working in this association or husband / wife of Baird director / female director or any of their blood relatives.

(e) If any person is appointed to the post by concealing the information and if it is proved later, he will be dismissed without any investigation against him.

(f) Candidates selected for the post of Cashier will be given current responsibilities for 01 (one) year in the initial stage. While in the current position, the job can be regularized subject to satisfactory performance appraisal and fulfillment of other necessary conditions.

(g) No TA / DA will be given to the candidate for appearing in the Electoral Interview Examination. |

(h) Power to accept / reject or reject any application without showing any reason.

Protected by authorities.


(i) In case of complications arising out of any matter not mentioned in the Terms, the decision of the PUBIS Authority shall be final.

Copy (not in order of seniority):

(a) Director, PUBIS Monitoring and Expenditure (AU) Directorate / PUBIS Directorate of Human Resources, Bapbibaye, Dhaka.

02. Supervising Engineer, Directorate of ICT, Bapbibaye, Dhaka. (Request to take necessary action to publish on Bapbiba’s website

Is done).

(b) Senior General Manager / General Manager ———– POBIS-1/2/3/4.

(Eligible candidates are requested to send their application form with recommendation along with notification).

(c) DGM, Ulipur / Lalmonirhat / Bhurungamari / Nageshwari / Phulbari / Technical Headquarters, Kurilal Paris.

(d) AGM, Aditmari / Chilmari Sub-Zonal Office Kurilal Pubis.

০6. Natish Baird.

07. Office copy / master copy.

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