Cat Health Plan । How to take Cat Health Plan


The  Cat Health Plan is being widely marketed throughout the country due to its wide service network and great cost benefit. See below all the advantages of the Cat Health Plan.

Discover the 4 categories of the Cat Health Plan

There are four (4) categories prepared by specialists to meet the needs of each type of audience and pet. Click and get to know each one of them:

               Pet Light                          Pet Plus                         Total Pet                        Pet Premium

Cat Health Plan Coverage

This is the list of coverages for the cat health plan, with all essential coverages to ensure your cat’s health:

  • Urgency and emergency
  • Hospital care
  • Outpatient Care
  • Laboratory Exams
  • Home Care
  • Hospitalizations
  • Surgeries
  • Imaging Exams
  • Consultations with Experts
  • Vaccines *
  • Free choice – Refund (Pet Premium only)

Cat Health Plan Prices

There are 4 tables in the cat health plan:

  • Table 1 – Only 1 cat
  • Table 2 – Two or more cats
  • Table 3 – For breeders or kennels from 5 to 20 cats
  • Table 4 – For breeders or kennels of 21 or more cats.

Comparison between health plans for cats

Comparison of coverage between health plans for cats:

Coverings Needs Pet Light Pet Plus Total Pet Pet Premium
Outpatient Care 30 days Yea Yea Yea Yea
Hospital Care 30 days No Yea Yea Yea
Castration 360 Days No No Yea Yea
Surgery 60 days No Yea Yea Yea
Consultation with Experts 60 days Yea Yes 2 Yea Yea
Laboratory Exams 30 days Yea Yes 2 Yea Yea
Imaging Exams 60 days No Yes 2 Yea Yea
Implementation of the Microchip Yea Yea Yea Yea
Hospitalization 60 days No Yea Yea Yea
Tartar cleaning 360 Days No No No Yea
Pet Home- Home care 30 days Yea Yea Yea Yea
Pet Phone-Call Center with 24-hour duty Yea Yea Yea Yea
Refund Free choice No No No Yea
Urgency and emergency 48h After chipping Yea Yea Yea Yea
Vaccines 1 180 Days Yea Yea Yea Yea

1 – Light, Plus and Total Plans: Multipurpose and Anti-rabies. Premium Plan: Multipurpose, Antirrábica and Bordetella.
2 – Only when hospitalized.

Shortcomings of the Health Plan for Cats

Roof Needs
Outpatient Care 30 days
Hospital Care 30 days
Hospitalization 60 days
Surgery 60 days
Urgency and emergency 48h after microchip
Laboratory Exams 30 days
Imaging Exams 60 days
Vaccines 180 days
Consultation with Experts 60 days
Home Care 30 days
Castration 360 days
Tartar Cleaning 360 days
Refund See procedure rule

Advantages of cat health insurance

Here are the biggest benefits of cat health insurance:

  • Wide accredited network of veterinarians and laboratories in strategically selected locations for easy access
  • Accredited handpicked to ensure the best care for your cat
  • Pet Phone: All customers of the cat health plan have the Pet Phone service, which is a 24-hour veterinary service for urgency and emergency. If anything happens to your cat and you don’t know what to do, just call the Pet Phone and follow the veterinarian’s instructions
  • Pet Home: We send a veterinarian to your home to make an appointment with your cat. This service is also widely used when the cat has some fragility for locomotion. (limited service, check with your plan)
  • Application of mandatory vaccines such as rabies, multipurpose and bordetella
  • Digi pet: Veterinary history saved in online database to facilitate veterinarian care, so he knows all treatments and procedures your cat has done, improving the quality of his future care
  • Online hiring without any bureaucracy, you just need to send some data to the broker that he issues every proposal online
  • Health for Pet is another company of the Porto Seguro Group that is a leader in the insurance segment in Brazil and is renowned for offering the best service to its policyholders.
  • Dogs can also be included in the plan


How did the cat health plan in Brazil come about?

The Cat Health Plan was created in the United States and with spontaneous success it was copied by other insurers in Europe and Asia. With worldwide success, Porto Seguro invested millions and bought the best operator of Health Plan for Cats in Brazil, which is Health for Pet.

In addition to acquiring the company and structure it with the best infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies, Porto Seguro invested millions to further improve the service of the Cat Health Plan.


Why is it advantageous and economical to have the Cat Health Plan?

The Cat Health Plan brings several advantages to its customers:

Guaranteed Savings

Anyone who has a cat knows that worry and care is compared as if it were a child, they swallow things, feel sick, get sick and in cases of accidents they even need surgery.

Anyone who has been to the veterinarian knows that a private consultation with an intern is at least R $ 60.00 and well-qualified veterinarians the consultation is at least R $ 100.00, this is only the consultation outside procedures, treatments, surgeries and medications that they do with that this value multiplies easily.

With the cat health plan, even if you pay a monthly installment, you have a guarantee of quality care at the time of the emergency and you avoid paying a high amount at once.

Cats live an average of 10 to 15 years and those who are in their 2nd cat know that the costs are very high, especially in the last years of their cat’s life.


Veterinary care whenever you need it

How many veterinary practices do you know? It is very difficult to find veterinarians close to your residence, which forces you to go to the big Pet Shop to do a procedure that ends up being more expensive just by being inside a Pet Shop.

Consult the Health for Pet accredited network mentioned above and you will see that we have accreditations in all locations and many of them close to your residence, facilitating the time and cost for getting around, even more in urgent cases.