‘If councilors are involved in occupation, he will not have councilorship’

‘If councilors are involved in occupation, he will not have councilorship’: The mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation has warned that if any councilor is found guilty of occupying a canal or committing any crime, he will not have a councilorship. Atiqul Islam.

He said, ‘If the investigation proves that a councilor has occupied, then the councilorship of that councilor will be canceled. There will be no councilorship even if there is evidence of involvement in the occupation. I will personally write a letter to the ministry to cancel the councilorship. ‘

The mayor made the remarks after inaugurating a new excavated canal on Friday (March 19th) to remove illegal structures on the Sluice Gate canal in the capital’s Uttara-11 sector. The mayor gave a stern message when the names of Golden Monir and a councilor were mentioned in the occupation of Uttara Khidir canal.

Mayor Atiqul Islam said, “It is a message that we have rescued Golden Monir with the help of the people.”

Instructing RAJUK and other government agencies, the mayor said, “Change your mentality.” Not only plot allotment, there is no dumping yard in Dhaka city. They are allocating one plot after another but there is no dumping yard. Allocating on the canal will have to think about the canal. The canal must be kept open. It will not work if the canal is filled.

“I would request all government agencies to look at CS maps, RS maps, metropolitan surveys before allowing anything, then think about whether to allocate space or not,” he said. You will rush and the people will suffer – it is very difficult. You come to the spot and then think about where to allocate the plot.


'If councilors are involved in occupation, he will not have councilorship'
‘If councilors are involved in occupation, he will not have councilorship’


Show the mayor to everyone present at this time – see how a road has narrowed. I wonder how this canal was closed. I told our councilor and the chief property officer to look at the last map of this canal and determine how wide it is. If necessary, the wall of the next hospital should also be broken. The director of the hospital agreed. He applauded and said, “Of course, Mr. Mayor, I will leave as much space as I have here.” He thanked the local Awami League leaders and workers for making this rescue work possible with the cooperation of all of us.

Regarding mosquito eradication, the mayor said that any medicine needs permission from the Department of Health, permission from the World Health Organization, permission from the Department of Drug Administration. We are doing all kinds of tests before buying new drugs. It will continue.

He said, “You have already seen that the city corporation has filed the first case against the big companies including Civil Aviation, Bangladesh Railway, Milk Vita, ASEAN City for creating mosquito larvae.” To us all are equal. No organization can neglect its responsibilities. We are going to introduce biometric system to ensure the presence of mosquito exterminators. There is nothing wrong with our efforts.

On Tuesday, March 18, the canal was dug up and the flow was restored by evicting the illegal structures in the Khidir canal area. Three days ago, this canal did not exist. An institution built a market on the canal and occupied it. The mayor demolished it and made a new canal.