Joynal’s Library Is Getting Kitchenware and Furniture


Joynal’s library is getting kitchenware and furniture: The village library ‘Satvita Granthanir’, established in Buraburi union of Ulipur upazila of Kurigram with the sale of the wages of day laborer Joynal Abedin, is going to get semi-finished buildings and furniture. Five lakh rupees has been allocated from the Local Governance Support Project (LGSP) for Joynal’s library in the current financial year. The project’s District Facilitator (DF) Farooq Ahmed confirmed the information.

DF Farooq Ahmed said, “Recently, a media report on Joynal’s village library came to the notice of Enamul Habib, Project Director (PD) of Local Governance Support Project-3 (LGSP-3), who actually asked me to look into the matter. Later I visited the library and informed PD Sir. Later, as per the instructions of PD Sir, five lakh has been allocated from the LGSP project for the purchase of new semi-finished building, furniture and books for the library. It will be implemented on a priority basis in the current financial year.

Enamul Habib (Joint Secretary), Project Director, LGSP-3, said on his mobile phone, “We are doing a lot of work for the development of rural infrastructure. We want to work for the development of that village library in Kurigram. To this end, we have undertaken a project to build a library house and provide books with furniture. It will be implemented this year.


Joynal’s Library Is Getting Kitchenware and Furniture
Joynal’s Library Is Getting Kitchenware and Furniture

PD Enamul Habib said that he served as the Deputy Commissioner of Rangpur in 2016. “As I served as the Deputy Commissioner of Rangpur, I have a feeling about the region. After reading the report about the village library of Joynal, I asked the local representative of the project to decide what should be done for the development of the library of Joynal. The library can contribute a lot in the practice of human knowledge and reading books. We will build the library soon. ‘

Earlier, a report was published in the media about the village library ‘Satvita Granthanir’. The home of village library entrepreneur Joynal Abedin is in Satvita village of ward 5 of Buraburi union in Ulipur upazila of Kurigram. He is the son of late Kashem Ali of that village. In 2015, Joynal set up a library at his home in a village about 20 km from the district town with hundreds of books. The establishment of a village library on the initiative of day laborer Joynal, who could not reach the primary boundaries of Peru, was appreciated by all.

Joynal Abedin, the founder of the library, was overwhelmed by the news of the new building. He believes that this decision of the government will make his dream come true as well as inspire more book lovers. “It’s definitely good news,” he said. Although I did not go to primary school in Peru due to lack of money, I did not lose my love for books. I am constantly encouraging children and teenagers in the village to read books. In that continuity, we have set up ‘Satvita Granthanir’ library at our own expense. I believe that the number of readers will increase as the library will be enriched with more books including Paka Ghar. And with government support, many more will be interested in doing so. (Joynal’s Library Is Getting Kitchenware and Furniture)