Nilagala Fidda, a bird with ornaments on its neck

Nilagala Fidda, a bird with ornaments on its neck: There are some birds that are not easily seen. They move so secretly in the forest that it is very difficult to see them. As soon as he sees people or other animals, he goes into hiding. They always think of an unknown fear. As a result, on the one hand, they can be called, they are not easily seen birds.

This bird has wonderful craftsmanship on its neck. The beauty of the bird’s voice fills the heart. Once you see it, you see it again and again. The name of this bird is Nilgala Fidda. The English names are Bluethroat and Luscinia svecica. These are the winter migratory birds of our country.

It is difficult to see this bird with the naked eye. The colorful beauty of its throat can be seen repeatedly by noticing its position with the help of binoculars. But the funny thing is- he will give you very little time! The sooner you can see, the better for you. Otherwise, you will not know when it will disappear with the flight. So he will give you 2 to 4 seconds, in the meantime you have to get the job done.

Nilgala Fidda is the name of this fickle bird that suddenly disappeared after appearing for two or three seconds. They roam in the small vegetation adjacent to the wetlands. Most of their body parts are gray. Which blends in with the gray nature. The result is not easily seen in general.


Nilagala Fidda, a bird with ornaments on its neck
Nilagala Fidda, a bird with ornaments on its neck


The male bird is more beautiful than the female bird. This bird can be easily seen by wandering in the silent places of different natural wetlands of the country, haor-beel. The neck is like a wonderful combination of its four colors. Which perfectly matches the beauty of the bird in the chest of the gray nature.

Renowned bird researcher and founder of the Bangladesh Bird Club, Inam Al Haq, said the winter migratory bird is Nilgala Fidda. Insects feed on soil, rocks and leaves. When looking for food on foot, the tail is raised and the red stripe of the tail is displayed. These are small terrestrial birds. This bird does not fall in the eyes of ordinary people because it is small.

Regarding the physical description of the bird, Inal Al Haq said that they are 15 cm long and weigh only 18 grams. The male bird has blue and reddish spots from the chin to the chest. The presence of that color is a lot like a garland. This colored garland is wide enough to attract the mate during the breeding season.

He added that the female bird had some thin blue spots on her chest. Long white eyebrow-line. Both male and female birds have brown eyes. The lips are black. The face is bright yellow. The legs and feet are dark brown. Winters are in the desert all over the country. However, less is seen.

They spend the night with other birds in haor, beels or ponds near the bush or in the nalban. Usually alone. They are migratory birds in Europe, Africa and Asia. They come to our Bangladesh for a few days in winter. Then he went back again, said Inam Al Haq.