The unveiling of Tracy’s book ‘Runway of Life’

Unveiling of Tracy’s book ‘Runway of Life’: The unveiling of Tracy’s book ‘Runway of Life’:To highlight the importance of beauty and fashion in this fast-changing world, cosmetics brand Tracey Fashion Design Council of Bangladesh-FDCB has organized a three-day ‘Sustainable Fashion Exhibition’.

The exhibition started at Edge Gallery in the capital on Thursday (March 18) under the slogan ‘Spring in Bloom’ and will continue till March 20, every day from 10 am to 8 pm.

Organized to encourage the indigenous fashion industry, the exhibition featured two flash shows. These shows showcase various products designed by 15 local fashion designers. They are Mahin Khan, Emdad Haque, Shaibal Saha, Kuhu Plamandan, Chandana Dewan, Farah Anjum Bari, Lipi Khandaker, Shahrukh Amin, Tenzing Chakma, Faiza Ahmed, Tasfia Ahmed, Afsana Ferdousi, Rifat Rahman, Sadia Rashid and Hosna.

The aim of this year’s The Sustainable Fashion Show is to spread the rich culture and heritage of Bangladesh in a contemporary way by showcasing locally produced, environmentally friendly and handmade products. The FDCB is not a for-profit organization, it only works on the uniqueness of design and social development.

The unveiling of Tracy's book 'Runway of Life'
The unveiling of Tracy’s book ‘Runway of Life’

Leading Global Hair Care Solutions Tracey also unveiled a book titled ‘Runway of Life’ at the three-day event. Tracey’s thoughts are here to help all women feel aware and feel good about their hair care. Tracey is giving women the essentials to get salon-style hair care so that women can conquer the way of life on their own. This philosophy has found a place in this new and unique book of Tracy.

The book is based on the experiences and memories of last year’s ‘Tracey Fashion Week-2020’. As women move forward and meet new challenges, the book explores how Tracemi is inspiring modern women. The book’s cover was unveiled on Friday, March 19, the second day of Tracey’s ‘Spring in Bloom Sustainable Fashion Exhibition 2021’.

HE Winnie Estrap Peterson, Ambassador of Denmark to Bangladesh, and Additional Secretary Parag Haque were present as the chief guests at the unveiling ceremony. On Saturday (March 20th), Deputy Education Minister Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury Nawfel announced the end of the three-day event. Also present on the day were Rensje Tering, head of the EU delegation to Bangladesh, and diplomats.

Tracey started its journey in Bangladesh in 2015. Farzana Shakil, Kaniz Almas, and others are among the world’s top salon experts and well-known beauty and hair experts of Bangladesh as well-wishers of the brand for the purpose of being by the side of women in hair care. Tresemi and FDCB have been working together since 2015 to expand the local and sustainable fashion industry. This is their third major event jointly.

“The fashion industry is moving towards a sustainable future,” said HE Winnie Estrap Peterson, Denmark’s Ambassador to Bangladesh. Denmark organizes a large number of annual events with a global fashion agenda and the promotion of sustainable fashion with the participation of local manufacturers promoting environmentally friendly products. By ‘slow fashion we mean the awareness of our attitude towards fashion. Which emphasizes sustainable fashion. The work of handicrafts and embroidery in contemporary design demands high praise. Tracey’s initiative in spreading local fashion is commendable. I am honored to be a part of this special event. At the book unveiling ceremony, I wish Tracey all the best for her future endeavors.

On the occasion, Afzal Hasan Khan, Beauty and Personal Care Director, Unilever Bangladesh Limited, said, “As a versatile brand, Unilever Bangladesh is always striving to meet the needs of its customers. Tracey is wonderfully capable of meeting the needs of women. We believe that all women claim to be attractive in appearance and feel as if they have just come out of the salon to take care of themselves. We know how hair care boosts confidence and empowers modern women to move forward. Salon-inspired Tracey helps women create their own style and experience. We have published the book to cover all these issues in a few words. ”