Symphony Mobile Handed Over E-Waste for Reuse 2021 Full Derails


Symphony Mobile handed over e-waste for reuse 2021 Full Derails Here: Symphony Mobile, the first domestic-owned handset brand in Bangladesh, has come up with many new initiatives. In the same way, Symphony created another milestone for everyone. The e-waste recycling project started by Symphony.

Last November, JR Recycling Solutions Limited signed an agreement with Symphony Mobile for recycling e-waste.

Zakaria Shahid, Managing Director of Symphony Mobile, handed over about 2,000 kg of e-waste to MA Hossain Jewel, Managing Director of JR Recycling Solutions Limited under the agreement. On behalf of BTRC, Senior Assistant Director (Spectrum) Mohammad Zakaria Bhuiyan and Deputy Assistant Director (Spectrum) Rezaul Sabir along with senior officials of the two organizations were present.

Symphony Mobile Handed Over E-Waste for Reuse 2021 Full Derails
Symphony Mobile Handed Over E-Waste for Reuse 2021 Full Derails

Symphony Mobile Handed Over E-Waste for Reuse 2021

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During the handover of e-waste, MA Hossain Jewel said that Symphony Mobile was the first mobile brand in Bangladesh to be involved in e-waste recycling.

He said many companies have already approached JR Recycling Limited but Symphony has come forward to recycle e-waste properly.

Muhammad Zakaria Bhuiyan said that e-waste is one of the major problems in the world today. Due to this, our future generations may face losses. He appealed to all concerned to come forward for the proper management of not only e-waste generated through mobile phones but also all types of e-waste. He then thanked Symphony and JR Recycling Solutions Ltd. for their joint initiative in e-waste management.

He said the overall cooperation from the country’s telecom regulator BTRC in the field of e-waste management through telecom equipment would be continued in compliance with the appropriate rules.

Muhammad Zakaria Bhuiyan said that in order to save the environment, there is no alternative to e-waste management as well as its recycling.

Zakaria Shahid said that Symphony has taken many new initiatives in Bangladesh and in continuation of this Symphony has given birth to new milestones. He expressed his gratitude to BTRC and the Government of Bangladesh.

He said that as part of social responsibility, Symphony Mobile will now make arrangements to deposit old phones at all their dealers and retail points which are no longer used by anyone and also collect lost phones from those working at Symphony Mobile. . These e-wastes will be handed over to JR Recycling every six consecutive months. Thanks for full knowing Symphony Mobile handed over e-waste for reuse 2021.


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