Kamal’s dream of a pucca house came true 2021

Kamal’s dream of a pucca house came true: Kamal Hossain (40) never went to school. Growing up, his family was living through poverty. But Kamal had a dream of a pucca house. However, the father’s family never saw the face of happiness. Kamal used to stay at home losing his mental balance. But Kamal got a semi-finished house under the Prime Minister’s Asrayan-2 project. He is very happy that this dream has come true.

It is known that at one time Kamal used to run around the country in search of livelihood. Although he suddenly lost his balance and fell ill, he is not able to take treatment due to a lack of money. Meanwhile, he lived in a mud house with 4 members of his family. In the rainy season, the family members used to suffer from the rainwater coming through the holes in the rice of the house. At present, the only earning person in his family is his son Sajib (22). He is responsible for the world.

It is also learned that on the occasion of Mujib’s centenary, 100 families in Taltoli Upazila of Barguna have been provided with two-room semi-houses under the Prime Minister’s Asrayan-2 project at a cost of Tk 1.81 crore. They are very happy to get land and house from the Prime Minister. The families of the victims also said that the quality of work in these houses has been very good.

However, Kamal, who is mentally handicapped, had different hopes. This was his dream to build a house at the end of his life. Kamal’s dream of a pucca house came to an end due to a lack of family and physical ability. But he did not know that his name would be on the list of gifts of the Prime Minister. He was surprised to see bricks, sand, and cement coming into the house. Later, when the work started, he was informed that you have received a house as a gift from the Prime Minister. Then he was overjoyed. His dream came true. He started living after finishing his housework. There are many people in this Upazila who have left their small huts and are now living in pucca houses. As a result, the standard of living of the people living in those huts has also changed.

Kamal’s dream of a pucca house came true in 2021

Kamal's dream of a pucca house came true 2021
Kamal’s dream of a pucca house came true 2021

On Monday (March 22) morning, a few houses in the Upazila were visited and it was seen that most of the families have started living. They are happy that the quality of housework is much better.

Visiting Kamal’s house, it was seen that he was sitting in front of the house. At that time he said- I am much better in the house given by the Prime Minister, by the grace of God. In this way every family expresses satisfaction.

Kalam’s wife Monowara Begum said, ‘My husband was fine before. Three years ago he lost his mental balance. But his dream was to live well in a pucca house in his last years. I never imagined that his hopes would ever be fulfilled. But Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has fulfilled that dream.

Ujala executive officer appointed contractor. Faisal Hossain Nayan said, ‚ÄúThere was some problem locally in the early days of starting work through the Upazila Nirbahi Officer of the Prime Minister’s Asrayan-2 project. However, each house has been built keeping the quality of the house. Most of the houses have been handed over.

Taltoli Upazila Executive Officer. Asaduzzaman said, ‘The houses of the Asrayan-2 project provided by the Prime Minister are a dream nest for the landless and homeless. I have tried my best to implement this dream nest. The houses have been built despite hundreds of adversities. In the future, it will be ensured that ordinary people can use the houses well. Kamal’s dream of a pucca house came true.