Orange to replace ineligible Biden: Trump


Orange to replace ineligible Biden: Trump: Former President Donald Trump has disliked US President Joe Biden. While on the throne, he almost said that old Biden could not take charge of America.

In his continuation, this time Trump has said that Biden is not mentally fit to serve as president. Vice President Kamala Harris could take his place soon.

Trump made the remarks in an interview with US-based Newsmax on Monday.

Trump believes that the mental state of the 46th president may soon come to a point where he will not be able to understand what he is doing, what he is saying, what he is writing. In that case, the door will be opened for Kamala to become president in his place.

He said Biden’s mental health was probably deteriorating very quickly. He may not even be able to read the documents of the executive order that Tiri is signing.

He added that he believed Democrats could replace Biden with Vice President Kamala Harris.

Orange to replace ineligible Biden: Trump
Orange to replace ineligible Biden: Trump

Trump said it was terrible for Biden to stumble three times. It’s incredible. The whole thing is terrible. The media no longer has freedom of speech.

The ‘crippled’ media did not publish the news.

However, media outlets around the world, including CNN, BBC, ABC, and The Guardia, reported Biden’s stumbling on the plane.

Meanwhile, in a report earlier this month, US media Fox News claimed that Biden’s amnesia was on the rise. He is forgetting everything lately. He could not remember the names of ministers, MPs, bureaucrats, and politicians.