Thakurbari of Orakandi is ready to welcome Modi

Thakurbari of Orakandi is ready to welcome Modi: In just one day, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will set foot in Kashiani Upazila of Gopalganj. On the occasion of his arrival, there was a commotion in the Kashiani area. The whole area is now under the control of law enforcement. No one will be able to enter or leave Kashiani now.

On Wednesday (March 24) morning, the Harichand Thakurbari temple area in Kashiani Upazila of Gopalganj district was visited and it was seen that a security zone has been set up around it.

The entire area of ‚Äč‚ÄčOrakandi Harichand Tagore’s house was visited throughout the day, only members of the law enforcement agencies. No one other than the listed media can enter there.

Meanwhile, many of those who have houses in the vicinity of Thakurbari face obstacles when they leave their houses in the morning and enter the house after shopping. In their hands, rice, pulses, vegetables and other daily necessities are still barred from entering.

Thakurbari of Orakandi is ready to welcome Modi
Thakurbari of Orakandi is ready to welcome Modi

Many Matua-fans came to the main gate and went back to the police barricade. Some people regret that they will leave with devotion at the feet of Guruji, but they do not allow it. It is not a little too much.

Meanwhile, various preparations are going on around Thakurbari. The construction of the main stage is not over yet. Thakurbari is surrounded by a bamboo fence. All the surrounding roads are blocked at the entrance.

There are two helipads on the bank of the pond on the south side of Thakurbari. The Prime Ministers of the two countries will land there.

Which Prime Minister will land here for the first time in the history of Harichand Thakurbari? It claims to be a unique achievement for Matua fans.

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Sanjeev Gosai, a Matua devotee priest and general secretary of the Matua Federation, told that Modiji is not just a prime minister, he is a priest. An honorable person like him will come to my Guru’s court. This is our absolute gift.

Millions of Guruchand Tagore fans are happy on the occasion of Modiji’s arrival. Our Thakurbari is being illuminated today.

Harichand Tagore was the promoter of the Matua community. The Matua is a special community in traditional Hinduism. Harichand Tagore has worked for the backward lower-class people of the society. Every year in the month of Chaitra, on the thirteenth day of Madhukrishna, the Maha Baruni bath and fair is held at Thakurbari.