Chittagong BNP convener arrested । Clashes with police


Chittagong BNP convener arrested: At least 20 people were injured in clashes with police during a BNP protest rally in Chittagong. After the clash in front of the party office at Nasimon Bhaban on Monday (March 29) afternoon, Chittagong Metropolitan BNP convener Dr. Police arrested at least 15 people, including Shahadat Hossain and Nagar Mahila Dal president and former ward councilor Monowara Begum Month, and took them to the police station.

Protesters set fire to a motorcycle lying on the road.

The Chittagong Metropolitan BNP organized a procession in front of the party office in Chittagong as part of the central program. Leaders and activists have been coming to Nasimon Bhaban with processions from different parts of the city since 3 pm to take part in it.

Police said the clash took place at Kazir Deuri in Chittagong around 3:30 pm on Monday.

Chittagong Deputy Commissioner (South) SM Mehedi Hasan told reporters that bricks were hurled at policemen on duty in front of the BNP office Nasimon Bhaban in Kazir Deuri, they were attacked and barricades were set on the road. Five members of the police were injured. They are being given first aid.


 Chittagong BNP convener arrested
Chittagong BNP convener arrested
Police arrest at least 15 people, including Mahanagar Mahila Dal president and former ward councilor Monowara Begum Monih

He added that the police took action to bring the situation under control and 15 BNP leaders and activists were arrested. Legal action will be taken in this regard.

Earlier, the BNP was accused of obstructing the protest procession.

Witnesses said clashes broke out when a procession from Kazi Deuri entered the party office at around 3:30 pm and hurled stones at the police.

Meanwhile, BNP activists set fire to various items and a motorcycle on the side of the road. Ratha vandalized a few more motorcycles. Sharp weapons were also seen in the hands of some of them.

At one stage, the clash spread when additional police came and chased the BNP workers. A few rounds of blank shots were fired to bring the situation under control, police officials said.