The health minister wants a partial lockdown in more infected areas

The health minister wants a partial lockdown in more infected areas: Health Minister Zahid Malek said the health ministry had advised the government to implement a partial lockdown in areas where the infection had spread. As such, the decision in this regard may come from the higher echelons of the government in the next couple of days.

He made the remarks after inaugurating the expanded building in the southern block of the National Heart Institute and Hospital on Monday (March 29) at 1 pm.

On the other hand, if the next consignment of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine from the Seram Institute of India is not received in time, the health minister said that the vaccination activities will have to be reconsidered.

“We are still continuing the vaccination program,” he said. We didn’t get the vaccine that was supposed to arrive this month. We are continuing to try to get it right. Our Prime Minister has also informed the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi.

“And if we get the number of vaccines we are supposed to get, then the activities we are doing will not be disrupted. And if I don’t get the vaccine, then naturally we have to think anew. ”

Bangladesh signed an agreement last November to buy 30 million doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine from the Serum Institute. According to the agreement, Beximco Pharmaceuticals is responsible for supplying the vaccine from India. According to the agreement, Bangladesh was supposed to get 50 million doses of vaccine every month and three crore doses of vaccine in six months. According to him, even though 5 million doses arrived in the country in January, Bangladesh got 2 million doses in February shipment amid huge demand and crisis of ticker supply worldwide.


The health minister wants a partial lockdown in more infected areas
The health minister wants a partial lockdown in more infected areas


Apart from this, the Government of India has given a total of 3.2 million doses as a gift in two phases, all of which are Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines produced at the Serum Institute.

Due to the recent increase in the incidence of coronavirus, India has temporarily suspended the export of the Oxford-Astrageneca vaccine due to its own needs, which has led to uncertainty over the availability of the vaccine.

The health minister said, ‘The World Health Organization has already been contacted for the vaccine. However, vaccines are not available from there very soon. Vaccines are not available from there now. They say they can’t even vaccinate Covex before May-June. ”

Zahid Malek said the government was also trying to collect vaccines from other sources. If assured from there, the government will accept it positively.

“We are continuing the talks. If we get any assurance from there, we will move forward positively. The Prime Minister himself is trying to ensure that we get vaccinated and that vaccination activities are not disrupted. ”

After receiving the first consignment of vaccines, mass vaccination started on February 8 across the country. The second dose is scheduled to start on April 6.

Jahed Malek said corona infections are on the rise. Infections dropped to two percent in early March. That has now reached 16 percent. It’s very scary. In the last one week, the number of Aktants has lost 45,000. In this way, if a part comes to the hospital, it will be difficult for us to provide services.

In the meantime, the Intensive Care Units (ICUs) of all government hospitals are not empty. There are some ICU vacancies in private hospitals. We have taken steps to increase the ICU.

He said 40 ICUs would be added to different hospitals in the next one week. It has also been decided to launch an HDU center at South City Corporation. The way patients are growing, if we introduce more ICU centers, it will not be possible to treat everyone.

If the rate of infection continues to increase at the same rate, then we don’t just have to increase the ICU. We lack skilled manpower. Creating skilled technicians, physicians to run the ICU is also a challenging task.