The jewel of music Bangladesh: Pandit Ajay Chakraborty


The jewel of music Bangladesh: Pandit Ajay Chakraborty: There are many good boys and girls in Bangladesh whose voices are so good that if they work hard and get proper care, they can go to the top, says world-renowned Indian vocalist Pandit Ajay Chakraborty.

He said, ‘Bangladesh is a jewel. There are so many good boys and girls whose voices are so good, so good especially those who sing Rabindranath and many other songs. Many came to me to learn. In fact, they should be protected, they should be kept alive. I want to do an online class. We need an education system and a mindset of hard work to keep these gems alive. ‘

The famous musician said this while addressing the media at Hotel Intercontinental on Sunday (March 26) at noon. He came to sing ‘Raga’ on behalf of the Government of India on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of Independence and the birth centenary of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.


The jewel of music Bangladesh: Pandit Ajay Chakraborty
The jewel of music Bangladesh: Pandit Ajay Chakraborty

According to patriarchal sources, the Bengali scholar said with a strong desire to do something for Bangladesh, “If the government makes arrangements and if an online class can be arranged, I can teach them.” There was a certain time. I can explain it in Bengali. ”

Asked how he could co-operate with Bangladesh, he said, “If there are twenty or fifty boys and girls, even if there are 10, the 10 artists here are enough to know a country.” Suppose a Lata Mangeshkar is enough to introduce India.

“Those who are young here, those who are 12 to 18 years old or 18-20 years old,” he said. Those who have the seeds of music in them, if they have the opportunity to contact me or if they come or if I ever come, they can arrange an education system that may have been online first. Later, some selected boys and girls were sent to me. It is better if it can be done officially. And I can teach something in a class online.

Famous musician Ajay Chakraborty said there was a certain time, the way the Bengal Foundation is doing. If an online class can be done in the same way. It’s not a big deal to pay me, but so that everyone can enjoy, benefit, benefit. Remember it is possible with very hard work. I said it has to be done 200 times, if someone does it 20 then it won’t happen. I wish that an online class could be organized twice a month from Kolkata only for Bangladesh. And later when Aslam saw the whole thing, I monitored it.


The jewel of music Bangladesh: Pandit Ajay Chakraborty
The jewel of music Bangladesh: Pandit Ajay Chakraborty

“If I ask 10 out of 500 students to send them to Kolkata, I will take care of them,” he said. I trained 10 children well. Bangladesh is one of the centers of music. Pandit Ravi Shankar, Pandit Nikhir Ranjan Bandyopadhyay, and countless others are the forerunners of the huge spread of instrumental music in India. They are all students of Baba Alauddin Khan. They are all made in Bangladesh. If there was no Bangladesh today, the songs of Panch Kabir would not be the songs of Dijendranath Lal Roy, Atul Prasad Sen, Rajinikanth. The way these five poets’ songs are celebrated and revered in Bangladesh. The songs of these five poets are not spread in Bengal (India) in this way. Only Rabindranath’s songs are a bit, Nazrul’s songs. Atul Prasad, Rajinikanth No one in India knows that a philosopher like Rabindranath has not been born in the last 100 years. Who is the creator of the national anthem of India and Bangladesh.

He further said that the mentality of hard work has decreased in Bangladesh. In West Bengal also it has decreased drastically. But there are so many beautiful voices in Bangladesh. We have boys and girls we know who sing so well but they don’t know they can be the best. Their ceremonies can cause a stir all over the world.

Pandit Ajay Chakraborty said, if you don’t start at a young age, you won’t start at the age of 26 or 27. Just as we start studying at the age of 3, music should also start at the age of 3, 4, 5. That is why after 5-6 years and 12 years in Shruti Nandan, I don’t take it anymore. Nothing good can be expected if you can’t accept it at a young age.

He said that the Prime Minister of India had said that I should create a new ‘rage’ and sing for Bangladesh. I could not give any indication of anger on that day. Anger is like an ocean. And the sea can not be served in a glass. It takes time for a rage to spread its identity. It seems that I have worshiped the Ganges in the waters of the Ganges. These music-loving people of Bangladesh perform for them. I have given the name ‘Maitri Raga’. Our two countries have always been friends. Hospitality in Bengal has declined more in India than ever before in Bangladesh. There is incredible love towards people here.

The jewel of music Bangladesh: Pandit Ajay Chakraborty
The jewel of music Bangladesh: Pandit Ajay Chakraborty

My new rage was created because there were people like Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Ji. It got a whole new smell of rage. I have heard Mujibur Rahman Ji’s speech many times and his voice is still ringing in my ears. I did not see that voice with my eyes, surely his soul is aware for the betterment of Bangladesh. I want Bangladesh to take the best seat in music again, to improve, and if I can do anything for the young boys and girls. That will be my biggest job. Since I am the son of this Bengali, if I can give back something, it will be a great achievement for me.

Now I may live in Calcutta but you have a son. Bless me so that I can give something back to this country. I have qualifications, I am very qualified but I have to make arrangements and listen to what I have to say. If you don’t listen, it won’t happen.


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