Chicken Bread Roll Recipe by Food Fusion

Chicken Bread Roll Recipe by Food Fusion: A very simple and delicious snack is chicken bread roll. It can be made instantly and is also healthy. Find out the recipe for Chicken Bread Roll –

What does it take to make a bread roll?

White bread

Chicken like Tinshagram

Two medium-sized onion pieces

Half a teaspoon of whole cumin

One teaspoon of crushed garlic

Ginger powder is less than half a teaspoon

Like salt to taste

Carrot crumbs

Yellow capsicum crumbs

A little barberry crumbs

Dry coriander leaves

Chili flakes

Black paper

Half a cup of milk

One tablespoon cornflower


Olive oil

Chicken Bread Roll Recipe by Food Fusion, How to make:

First, you have to make a cream. Mix half a cup of milk with one tablespoon of cornflower and a little butter to make a cream.

Two tees in a pot. Add a tablespoon of olive oil and chop the onion. Do not fry the onions too much. It will be fried till the transparent color comes. When the color of the onion is clear, add whole cumin, crushed garlic, crushed ginger, and salt to taste. These should be fried a little to remove the raw smell of ginger-garlic.

Then add carrot paste, capsicum paste, Barbati paste. Fry for a while so that the color of the vegetables is not lost. Add chili flakes, dried coriander leaves, and black pepper one by one. Put a little more fried chicken in a basket.

Chicken Bread Roll Recipe by Food Fusion
Chicken Bread Roll Recipe by Food Fusion

Chicken Bread Roll Recipe by Food Fusion for More:

Now you have to make the soft stuffing by mixing it with the chicken in a good way with the cream made in it. This stuffing should be very soft so that it mixes like cream when you put it in your mouth.

Take white bread for rolls and cut the sides. Now thin the sand like bread with the help of a balloon. When all the breads are ready, make chicken stuffing or roll with pur. Apply water on the head of the bread with stuffing on half of the bread to lock the roll. Make a roll with the rest of the bread in this way.

When all the rolls are made, turn all the rolls in a frying pan with a little butter and fry them till they turn brown. A yummy flavored chicken bread roll will be made.

The soft taste of butter in every bite, the mixture of chicken and vegetables will add different levels of flavor to this roll. Serve Healthy Snacks Chicken Bread Roll with a cup of breakfast or afternoon tea. Thanks for knowing Chicken Bread Roll Recipe by Food Fusion.