Manikganj District Family Planning Office Recruitment Manikganj fpo job 2021


Manikganj fpo job circular 2021: Department of Family Planning has issued a notification for the recruitment of manpower in vacant posts under the Manikganj district. The Department of Family Planning will appoint a total of 128 people in 04 posts. Both men and women can apply for the posts. Interested candidates can apply online. Full notification details are given.

Manikganj Family Planning Office Recruitment Circular 2021

Position Name: Family Planning Assistant
Number of posts: 01.
Educational Qualification: HSC pass.
Salary Scale: Rs. 9,800 – Rs. 23,490.

Position Name: Family Planning Inspector
Number of posts: 06
Educational Qualification: HSC pass.
Salary Scale: 9,300 – 22,490 rupees.

Position Name: Family Welfare Assistant
Number of posts: 103
Educational Qualification: SSC pass.
Salary scale: 9,000 – 21,600 rupees.

Position Name: Nanny
Number of posts: 18
Educational Qualification: 8th class pass.
Salary scale: 8,250 – 20,010 rupees.

Application rules: Interested candidates can apply online through the website

Application start time: Applications can be submitted from 10:00 am on 23 August 2021.
Application deadline: Applications can be submitted till 05:00 pm on 22nd September 2021.

Manikganj fpo job circular 2021
Manikganj fpo job circular 2021

Terms and conditions for filling online application form:

Interested candidates can fill the application form by visiting the website

The application deadline is as follows:

(i) Online Application Form Completion and Examination Fee Submission Date and Time 23/07/2021, 10:00 AM.

(ii) Last date and time for submission of online application is 22/09/2021, 05:00 PM.

Candidates who have received User ID within that period will be able to submit the examination fee via SMS within the next 72 (seventy two) hours from the time of submitting the application form online.

(B) In the online application form, the candidate will scan his color photo (length 300 pixels x width 300 pixels) and signature (length 300 pixels x width 80 pixels) and upload it at the designated place. Image size must be a maximum of 100 KB and signature size must be a maximum of 60 KB.

(E) Since the information given in the application form filled online will be used in all subsequent activities, the candidate himself will be 100% sure about the accuracy of all the information given before submitting the application form online.

If any information provided by the candidate or the submitted documents is proved to be fake, false or forged or forged in the examination or if any information is submitted inconsistently with the eligibility required in the notification or if any application is received in violation of the notification instructions. Will be done and appropriate legal action can be taken against him.

(D) Candidate shall save a print copy of the application form filled in online for any purpose related to the examination. Candidates who have passed the written test will be required to submit one copy within the stipulated time after the publication of results and one copy during the oral test.

Rules for sending SMS and payment of examination fee:

After filling the application form online and uploading the photo and signature as per the instructions, the application preview can be seen on the computer with the photo.

Candidates who have completed the application form correctly will get a User ID, Photo and a Applicant’s Copy signed. The Applicant’s Copy will be printed or downloaded and saved. Applicant’s Copy will have a User ID.

Candidates using the said User ID can send the following two SMS through any Teletalk Pre-paid Mobile number for the examination fee.

Mate 112 / – (one hundred times) Rs. 100 / – and Teletalk service charge Rs.

For the position mentioned in sequence 3 to 4, you have to deposit Rs. 56 / – (fifty six) [examination fee 50 / – and Teletalk service charge Rs. 6 / -] within not more than 72 (seventy two) hours.

Examination fee submission process via SMS:

First SMS: Enter DGFPMAN <SPACE> User ID and send to 16222. Example: DGFPMAN ABCDEF

Reply: Applicant’s Name, Tk. 112/56 will be charged as application fee, your PIN is 123456789.

To pay fee Type DGFPMAN <Space <YES <Space <PIN and send to 16222

Second SMS: DGFPMAN <Space> YES <Space> PIN and send to 16222.

Example: DGFPMAN YES 123456789

Reply: Congratulations Aplicant’s Name, Payment completed successfully for DGFPMAN Recruitment Application for XXXXXXX, User ID is (ABCDEF) and Password (XXXXXXXX).

It is important to note that even if all the parts of the application form are filled and submitted online, the online application will not be accepted under any circumstances until the examination fee is paid.

F) The matter of receipt of admission will be informed in time on the website and via SMS on the mobile phone of the candidate (only eligible candidates). In the online application form, all the communication related to the examination will be done on the mobile phone provided by the candidate.

(G) It is imperative to read the SMS and follow the instructions received immediately. Next using User ID and Password sent in SMS

Rail number,
Position name,
Test date,

Candidates should download and print the entry form containing the time and venue name etc. (color if possible). This admission form must be displayed by the candidate during all the examinations related to recruitment.

Candidates can retrieve their respective User ID and Password only from Teletalk Prepaid Mobile Phone by following the following SMS procedure.

i) If User ID is known: DGFPMAN <Space> HELP <Space> USER <Space> User ID should be entered and sent to 16222.


ii) If PIN Number is known: DGFPMAN <Space> HELP <Space> PIN and send to 16222.

Example: DGFPMAN HELP PIN 123456789

If you have any problem to apply online, call 121 from Teletalk number or 01500121121 from any operator’s phone. It can also be accessed at (DGFPMAN, xxxxxxxxxxxxx (position name), Applicant’s User ID and Contact Number must be mentioned in Hamehal Subject.

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