Law for 9 people to talk about forced marriage [মামলা] Its a threat



Punishment for forced marriage 9 people under the law for talking about forced marriage To take [মামলার] A teenager threatened. Everyone wants to get married but without any preparation someone goes to another part of life. Someone has a dream in his life that he will grow up. Such is the dream of a teenager that he will do something big in life. But he does not know how far his dream will go.

The evil eye was on him to break his dream. That’s why he contacted us to bring his story to the attention of the world. It’s as if Jane isn’t having an affair with another boy. That is why he has contacted his nearest police station. They told him they would take action if he was forced to do so.

He is 21 years old. Now is the time for a boy to build his career. But in our country, it takes about 26 to 28 years for a boy to finish his education and build a career with a job.

So what would you say about this 21 year old boy? Is she ready for her married life?

The law punishes forced marriages

In 1989 Of Sierra Leone The special court of the Appellate Division during the war For forced marriages He called the abduction and detention of women a new crime against humanity. Then in the case of men it is one Crimes against humanity What can be called as? For crimes against humanity Any time of that angle person The death penalty May be up.

Forced marriage in Islam: –

Forced marriage is forbidden in Islam. According to Sahih Bukhari, Muslim, Mishkat Sharif’s H / 3126, the four conditions of marriage are as follows:

  • * Selecting a couple whose marriage is valid.
  • * Brides – Brides Taking the consent of both.
  • * To be the guardian of the daughter.
  • * To have two honest witnesses. If one of the four conditions mentioned is not met, then the marriage will not be valid.

[ আহমাদ, তিরমিযী, মিশকাত হা/ ৩১৩১] ।

Stay tuned for more details.

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