Peacock's Love Island USA episode on Aug. 4 featured the most unexpected recoupling this season. Chazz left Sereniti in favor of Kat. Learn more.

Love Island USA viewers were shocked when Chazz decided to recouple and be with Kat, leaving his partner Sereniti behind.

Fans were shocked to see Chazz swapping one girl for another on the Peacock dating program. He admitted that Kat was "perfect" for him in a confessional, 

but he also said, "Me (Sereniti) have something solid forming and it is possible to put our relationship in danger... At this moment, I'm not sure."

Sereniti was enthralled by his first date with Kat. I like where we are at. I look forward to getting to get to know you and building our foundation."

Chazz said that Kat looked beautiful without makeup the next day and charmingly made her breakfast. He then told Sereniti that she looked "good like hell" in her bikini and 

reassured her of his interest. It became even more confusing when it came time to the recoupling ceremony. His speech seemed like he was sticking by Sereniti after he entered the villa with Bria.

He said that he would love to marry this girl, because he felt a strong connection with her since the time he was in this villa. So far so good.

Chazz said, "I think this girl is one the most beautiful girls that I've ever seen in this villa." Despite the difficulties I've had with her,

I believe that she will be able to give back the energy I've given. It seems like they share some history, right?

One TikTok fan said, "The speech was definitely focused on sereniti, and choosing Kat was an extremely last-minute decision." Another wrote,

 "It was evidently a last-minute decision, perhaps sereniti would've reciprocated some energy he gave her prior to that night, but he wouldn't have stayed with her."